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Par les soirs bleus d'été, j'irai dans les sentiers,
Picoté par les blés, fouler l'herbe menue,
Rêveur, j'en sentirai la fraîcheur à mes pieds.
Je laisserai le vent baigner ma tête nue.

Je ne parlerai pas, je ne penserai rien :
Mais l'amour infini me montera dans l'âme,
Et j'irais loin, bien loin, comme un bohémien,
Par la nature, heureux comme avec une femme.

Arthur Rimbaud

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Asked by Jo - Klefanklaus finding out that stefan is not really stefan but silas

(I haven’t really followed the end of TVD … the Salvatore still live at their house right ? I don’t know … here they do …)

Klaus had decided to come back to Mystic Falls hoping to convince Stefan to go live in New Orleans with him. He couldn’t imagine not being with the young vampire for so long.

He was now standing at the door, and took a deep breath before knocking. Very quickly the door was open and Stefan was standing there, tilting his head.

"Well well well, who do we have here ? I thought you were gone for good." his tone was almost mocking, Klaus couldn’t tell for sure if it was that or the fact that he was hurt he had left.

Not waiting for an invitation Klaus simply stepped inside, a smirk on his face pushing Stefan against the closest wall. A lamp fell on the ground at the chock of Stefan’s body hitting the wall.

Stefan had not expected this and was just stunned, even more when Klaus’ lips crushed his.

The kiss was awkward for Stefan, he barely responded to it and just let Klaus in control until he let him go. 

Standing their in front of his man Klaus frowned, something was off. 

"You’re not Stefan … " his voice was filled with rage and fear yet quite low.

Stefan smirked and cocked a brow. After wipping his mouth with the back of his hand he simply said : “I’ve been able to fool everyone so far. But you’re good … ” Delighted at the puzzled expressiong of the hybrid he then asked : “Remember me Klaus ?”

Klaus’ jaw dropped. “Silas” he exhaled.

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For the fic thingy - Klaus explaining Hayley's pregnancy to Stefan and Stefan not taking it very well. :)

Ok that’s a challlenge …

Klaus was pacing. He had left Stefan 12 messages for him to come and talk.

Finally he heard the crack of the door and turned around staring untill he saw Stefan entering the living room. He was holding his phone and showing it as he said : “I thought one message was as effective as 12 … Aren’t you the one that said that ?”

Klaus frowned.

"Oh … not in a mood I see ! So what is it all about ?" Stefan asked. He was getting worried, it’s not often you see an hybrid original worried like that.

Klaus turned his back to him and stoke his hands nervously. “There is no easy way to say this …”

Confusion read all over Stefan’s face. Looking back at him Klaus continued. “Maybe you should sit down”

His gaze following the hybrid’s eyes Stefan looked at the couch and walked slowly to sit there. He then looked right back at Klaus, right in the eyes, anxious about what he had to tell.

"Something happened" Klaus started as he sat down on an arm chair accros the room. "And … I did not think it was possible but … I’m going to be … " he paused and swallowed loudly, "a father, I’m going to be a father".

"Say what ?" Stefan’s eyes widdened. He could not believe his ears, how could this be possible ? Vampires can’t procreate ? Also that would imply sex with a woman.

"Hayley is pregnant" Klaus explained.

Stefan stood in one quick motion and grabbed the first vase he could find to smash it on the wall. 

"You cheated on me ?" he yelled.

"It just … happened …" Klaus had never imagined in a million years he would have that kind of conversation.

Stefan wanted to kill her, but he couldn’t so he just grabbed a painting, there was an horse on it, probably something Klaus had painted, but he did not care, he just grabbed it and smashed it.

"Calm down …" Klaus walked toward him.

"YOU DON’T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN, I DON’T TELL YOU TO CALM DOWN" Stefan yelled back grabbing another painting without even looking at it.

"Not this one" Klaus ran and took it from his hand, making him look at it. It was the ‘post modern snow flake’ that Stefan loved to much. Klaus had bough it back to the charity auction. That memory made him sad. His Klaus had cheated on him.

Putting the painting down he looked at Stefan’s sad eyes and continue. He knew the news would be devastating, but he couldn’t hide it : “Elijah wants me to keep him, as an heir … we are moving to New Orleans”

That was just too much for Stefan.

"You are, I’m not !" he said with a cold voice. And with that he was making his way back out slamming the door dramaticly and walking out his head held high.

that was for an auction right ? the painting ?

ok i just went with the flow, sorry if there are typos, i’m too lasy to spell check lol !

hope you like it ! it’s weird lol

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Imagine your OTP - Person A comforting person B for whatever reason (depends on your OTP, so just make up a random scenario :) )

Gonna try some Rizzle … never tried that !

Hum … let’s just say Maura just had lunch with her step sister and it didn’t go as she had expected, she is disapointed.

"What ?" Jane asked abrutly interrupting Maura’s speech about the body lying in between them.

Maura just looked up at her puzzled.

"Come on, something is bothering you … What is it ?" she sounded exasperated though she did care. "Let it out you’ll feel better then" she added gesturing her to talk.

Maura put down the tool she had in her hand and turned her back to Jane resting her hands on the empty authospy table behind. “Nothing” her voice was low.

"It’s my job to know when people lie … I’m a detective remember ?" She let a pause but getting no answer she asked tilting her head : "Is that about your lunch date with your sister ?"

"No it’s ok, I just …"

Jane sighed and walked around the autopsy table. Strocking Maura’s shoulder she whispered : “You have every reason to be upset, just let it out”.

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Collection - a serie #BatB One shot - i. Alone.

Cat’ POV, her mother just died, she runs. (692 words) 

poster here

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It had been a long day, he was tired and decided to have a drink and settle outside the house to enjoy the last ray of sun of the day. And here she was in her high heels and slim leather pants standing proudly and smiling at him.

Katherine …” he didn’t know if he should be glad or worried about her being back.

Good, you remember me" she smiked maliciously.

No matter how much he had wanted to forget about her it was impossible, seeing her evil smile, her lips, her dark eyes and the spark in them, she was just irresistible. “You’re kinda hard to forget” he confessed walking cautiously toward her. “What do you want this time ?” his tone was bitter but she had not expected less.

I guess I missed you" she said raising an eyebrow and taking his drink from his hands. "Vodka, good choice" she added before taking a sip and giving him back the glass.

You’re ...” he started but he couldn’t finish, he knew he couldn’t win, “looking for a place to stay ?" Jason knew that at some point she would have asked something from him so he just decided to find out what as soon as possible.

Since you’re inviting" she said grabbing his arm and walking toward the house.

- mini fic and edit by BritCroft

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Anonymous Asked:
Regina/Mr. Gold

I hope i’m not going to screw that one lol !

The store seemed empty, no noise, nothing indicated the presence of anyone yet the sign read “open”. She pushed the door provocking a tickle. She walk slowly toward Mr Gold’s counter, her step were light and silent.

Suddenly a voice scared her, “What are you looking for ?” It was coming from behind her. She turned around with a frown on her face, clearly not amused at him playing hide and seek with her.

"I know Emma and Snow are back, but it doesn’t mean my mother won’t find a way to come here too"

"So …" he answered tilting his head on the right.

"So i need your help" she answered pissed that she had to admit she couldn’t do it alone.

sorry it’s very short compared to other … and doesn’t really have an end, but i really have no idea where to lead those two. But hope you still kinda like it

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Gonna try a one shot for Morgana & Morgause, hope you’ll like it.

It was dark and cold, the wind made scary noises while Morgana and Morgause were sleeping hiden in the forest. They were on the run, alone, but they had eachother. Morgana started agitating and she whispered “don’t, please don’t kill me … you said i was like your daughter …”. Suddenly she woke up in a gasp and violently hit the ground with her hands.

"What’s going on ?" Morgause was worried, her eyes were searching for a danger around them, but she saw nothing. She look back at Morgana and put her hand on her cheek. "What happened Morgana ?"

"I had a nightmare, h-he … he discovered i had magic and …" she couldn’t say it. She wasn’t breathing anymore but Morgause knew, "he killed you ?" she asked as she was wrapping her arms around Morgana’s head pulling her toward her chest.

"Y-yes" she whispered as a tear dropped.

"I won’t let him, you are safe with me, no one will harm you as long as i’m at your side" Morgause said brushing Morgana’s dark hair.

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A steroline one shot.

He knocked on the door, he had a bag in his hand and his eyes down, looking at his feet. He heard her step coming closer and her joyful voice screaming at the door “comiiiing”. When she opened the door her face changed instantly, her smiled fade away, seeing Stefan like this broke her heart.

"What happened, … why- why … do you have a bag" she asked confused.

"Can i crush here for a few days ?" He didn’t feel like explaining, he still had to digest the conversation he just had with Elena, it wasn’t real for him yet, he couldn’t put words on it. Yet he didn’t need to tell anything, Caroline instantly read in his eyes something had gone wrong with Elena, and it probably involved Damon as well.

"Of course" she said while puting her arms gently around his neck. She hold him tight, and at first Stefan didn’t know what to do. As her grip was getting tighter he let the bag fall on the floor and wrapped his arms around her, hiding his face in her hair. She felt a tear falling on her shoulder, so she pulled away and just carressed his cheeks while she whispered "you can stay as long as you need to, … as long as you want to”.

Feeling her hands on his face Stefan closed his eyes for a  second and forgot about the pain, he was feeling good and it was all because of Caroline, it was like she had some magical powers, her smile healed him. He opened his eyes again and stared at hers while his hands on her hips started to pull her closer to him, so close that their lips sealed in a kiss. Caroline didn’t pull away, it felt wrong to know the man she was kissing probably had just broken up with her best friend, yet it felt right, it was Stefan, and it felt just so right. 

J’espère que ça te plait ;)

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Ugh this is so hard. Ok i’ll try to imagine what they could say now everybody know lol ! But this is going to be so bad !

As Morgana walks in the forest she finally sees him, he is there standing looking at her, the man she though of as a friend once, the man she though couldn’t understand her, the man who was her doom. They were alone, it was night. Back at the camp Morgana’s army was getting ready and the Knights of Camelot were probably doing the same.

"Emerys", she shouted at him, "All this time i was looking for you and all this time you were right here, probably laughing at me."

A long silence took over, what could he say to her, he felt guilty, he could have helped her, but he didn’t … and now this … after all these years of pain Morgana had become true Evil.

"I never meant for any of this to happ-"

"Enough" … She couldn’t take it. "You knew, you knew what i was going though, you knew how i felt !" Rage was starting to show on her face. "You did nothing to help, worse, you poisoned me … you treated me as an enemy, you made me feel like i was wrong because of the essence of my being, how could you ?" A tear was at the edge of her eye, all the betrail she felt, you could read it in her eyes.

"I’m sorry, but you had left me no choice, you tried to destroy Camelot, my role was to protect it, to protect Arth-"

"Arthur ? You wanted to protect him over your kind ? You wanted to protect a man that wouldn’t hesitate to have you hang if he knew ?"

"NO" he shouted, "No … i would never, he is not like that, one day he will realise and one day he will build a world where people with magic will live at peace with all the others. That is what i was protecting, you made yourself worse than those you claim to fight, you kill people assuming they hate magic when they just don’t understand it." he needed to catch his breath, all the emotion was depriving him from air. "You chose the wrong path to make people accept magic, i cannot let you destroy Arthur and Camelot. I will stand at his side, not agains magic, but agains the misuse of it."

"If you stand at his side means you stand against me, and I shall destroy you !"

OMG, i really hope you’ll like, i tried.

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smoldergasms replied to your post: Give me a paring and i’ll write a mini fic for it (just a few lines)

daaaatherine! pls pls pls pls pls .. *__*

I’m going to try ok ! I’m not that good lol

The town was small. But she was on the move, so why not staying here. She hated small town, nothing much to do for fun, and everyone knew everyone, not easy to find a pray, but for a night it would do. After spending a few hours in the town’s bar drinking for free using her charmes she finally decided to take a room there. Somehow she didn’t feel like taking advantage of one of those drunk idiots and feed on them. She was feeling a bit blue, she probably just needed some sleep.

As she fell asleep she started to think about Mystic Fall … and Elena, and how Stefan and Damon were probably fighting over her. Her eyes were tired, she fell asleep.

The room was dark, only a few candles were lightning up the atmosphere, she was lying on her stomach, naked, resting. Slowly delicate yet strong hands started to caress her back and massage her, she didn’t know this identity of that person but she didn’t care, she enjoyed it. She felt someone coming near her hear and heard a whisper : “Do you like it like that Miss Katherine ?”. That was Damon, that was his voice, she recognized him, she turned around and looked into his eyes, the most charming smile on her face. “I like it”. She sat and pulled him toward her to kiss him, the night was just beggining.

When she woke up she felt strangly very well, much better than the night before, she remebered her dream was very sexy, but somehow she had forgotten who she was with and what she had done, all she knew is that this dream made her in a good mood. She dressed and left the room saying : “now is time for breakfast !”

Hope you like it and that my english is ok !