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Par les soirs bleus d'été, j'irai dans les sentiers,
Picoté par les blés, fouler l'herbe menue,
Rêveur, j'en sentirai la fraîcheur à mes pieds.
Je laisserai le vent baigner ma tête nue.

Je ne parlerai pas, je ne penserai rien :
Mais l'amour infini me montera dans l'âme,
Et j'irais loin, bien loin, comme un bohémien,
Par la nature, heureux comme avec une femme.

Arthur Rimbaud

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*pouts* can’t just yet … i need to do stuff first … ugh … whatever i’ll go NOW, do that and then lay in bed and cry cause Italy is falling too LOL

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I’m just too tired tonight …

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beastlypadynlecki replied to your post “Ok good night peeps ;) gonna watch the game from my bed !”

AHH Good night sorry I wasn’t on :o

aww thx :)

it’s ok sweety

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Anonymous Asked:
Your icon is the greatest thing.

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Non mais qu'on soit d'accord, le vin c'est la vie. Un petit rouge bien doux qui passe tout seul ou un rosé bien frais sous le soleil. C'est un orgasme à l'état liquide xD

Moi je préfère le blanc, sec ou demi sec surtout, mais aussi un peu doux (mais pas trop) en fonction de ce que tu mange ou ce que tu fais hein !

et un bon rosé avec un tranche de pamplemousse dedans sur une petite terrasse ombragée avec des lunettes de soleil sur le net … LE BONHEUR !

Je suis pas une fan du rouge, mais bon je commence à m’y faire et à apprécier ;) lentement mais surement ! il est jamais trop tard !

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darksigyn Asked:
French drink too much wine, though, there is never too much


I think it depends on the region, most regions (well, large areas) have their own wine. And I do believe that the consumtion of wine by inhabitant in France, and the fact we have so much diversity in wine is encouraging us to drink i believe !

I personally have always seen wine at the table, and i tasted it quite young, and I do not mind having a glass on my own, or with friends from time to time ! On the contrary I LOOOOOOOOOVE wine ! So … maybe I do drink too much ;) EHEH ! But it’s SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD !!!

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Anonymous Asked:
I sorry to bother you. Just noticed you liked the recent post from "TheBATBWorld" of Catherine Candler from "about last night". Thought you should know that was screencapped from a gif set agentofshieldskye (old tumblr name catherinechandler) posted earlier in the tag.

Oh man … I HATE when people do that !

Thanks for telling me, i didn’t really pay much attention I was quickly checking the tag.

Why can’t people understand that you don’t post things you didn’t actually make ? ugh !

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halenskiz Asked:
is that reputation like on a scale from 1 to 10? is it how many followers you have? the question really confuses me :D but i remember i felt like you were cheerful, friendly, but like neeeeeverrrrrr gonna follow me back, way beyond me league :D brit the awesome, brit the queen

I felt like it meant something like “what do you think of when you think of me and my blog ?” idk man …


And i loooooooooooooooooooooooove you ! you are WONDERFUL !